Mesmerising and ever-changing, the Mossman River is the pristine water source that grounds and renews all who encounter it, and from which everything at Silky Oaks flows.

It’s an easy wander down to the shady riverbank to plunge into the Mossman River’s icy cool depths. It’s a feeling of refreshment only Mother Nature can offer and for many, it’s a life-affirming moment.

Grab a snorkel and discover the underwater world and meet some of the ‘locals’ including turtles and over 30 species of fish face-to-face. This spot in the Mossman River is one of the few places in Tropical North Queensland where you can wild swim croc-free. Submerge safe in the knowledge that the water here is too cool and shaded for salties’ constitution.

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From where the headwaters rise under Devil’s Thumb on the sprawling Mount Carbine Tableland, the Mossman River descends 1,050 metres over its 24-kilometre course, flowing through carved, ancient valleys before hitting the deeply etched sides of the Mossman Gorge.

A stone’s throw downstream, the river glides by Silky Oaks Lodge camouflaged atop its banks, before it reaches the coast and joins the Coral Sea. Quite the journey!

Snorkel equipment is provided for guest use.