A walk through the kitchen garden reveals how Silky Oaks Lodge is green in more ways than one.

On the site of an underutilised tennis court, Executive Chef Mark Godbeer and his team have created a thriving kitchen garden, cultivating 100 different types of plants and fruit-bearing trees which help shape a menu finely calibrated for the tropical surrounds.

The kitchen crew forage daily for leafy and flowering greens as well as growing native ingredients with the hope of understanding and cultivating more in consultation with First Nations owners as the garden evolves.

1 Kitchen garden
2 Kitchen garden

The aim is a sustainable ‘pick one, grow one’ direction, Mark says, and the possibilities are endless. ‘We’re in such a beautiful place. None of my team came here just to grab boxes off the truck. Everyone came here with the same ethos of zero food waste, to use every bit of every piece of protein, vegetable or fruit as much as we can. To learn together.’

Wander at leisure among the prolific greenery of the garden beds to see many ingredients growing just moments before they are picked for the days’ menu, making one of the shortest plant to plate journeys around.