The Daintree Rainforest is home to the most ancient wonders of the original supercontinent Gondwana. Step back in time and off the beaten path with Daintree Experience for a true local experience with knowledgeable guide Allister leading the way.

The day’s adventure begins with a two-hour hike through rainforest glades and the creekside valley to a stunning waterfall. Access to the secluded site is exclusive to Daintree Experience. Refresh with a swim in the natural rockpool and refuel with a gourmet lunch enjoyed in the wild.

1 Beauty Valley Falls Hike
2 Beauty Valley Falls Hike

In the afternoon, change up the pace with a scenic cruise along the Daintree River. Glide along in a solar-powered boat and spot the wildlife that call the waterway home.

Maximum 4 people. Includes lunch.