Drift-hiking along the Mossman River is a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s a perfect way to stay cool in the tropics and a great chance to uncover the fascinating history of the Mossman River.

Sometimes it’s a gentle journey through shallow waters where fish and freshwater turtles, as well as water lizards and possibly even the elusive platypus swim below. But, if there’s been a fresh downpour of rain, it can be a more adventurous and fast flowing trip.

Back Country Bliss runs the guided tour on a magnificent stretch of the Mossman River (known to the First Nations Kuku Yalanji as Jinkalmu) just downstream from the lodge, which being too high, too cool and too clear, is assuredly crocodile free.

1 River Drift Experience
2 River Drift Experience

All thoughts of worry soon evaporate as lying down on a ‘river sled’ (basically an industrial-strength Li-lo) watching the rainforest canopy that meets overhead, drifting into a bubble of bliss is impossible to resist.

Wetsuits and dive boots are provided. Maximum 12 people. Available as a private experience on request.